About us

Bynicci fashion store

BYNICCI was founded in 2020 by Nikki de Groot. Through hard work and her passion for fashion, she managed to build a brand within a few years where she shares her fashion inspiration with you every day and sells the nicest fashion items via the webshop.

Bynicci story

The beginning

My name is Nikki de Groot (owner of ByNicci) and I have had a passion for fashion since I was little. My goal is also to inspire girls with my clothing style and make them feel good in it. ByNicci started in 2020 in my bedroom. At the time, we sold all clothing via Instagram.

Bynicci story

My office

We started doing a daily live stream via TikTok and decided to open a site. We also went from the attic room to an empty room in the house at the time. We grew out of the room very quickly at the time, so we moved to our first building!

Bynicci story

Continue to grow

ByNicci is growing very much every day, and we are very grateful for that. We can't wait to make you even more happy with the latest fashion trends in the coming years.